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2013 Heading out on Blue Ridge Mountains
Season 3. Heading out without motorcycle trailer. We get a bike rack. Better for the long mountainous roads out west. The "tardis" holds together though we replace a roof fridge vent in Arizona and Louisiana roads claim a couple of hubcaps. Replace front tires that come out of round in Utah and rear tires in Georgia. Hankook tires last about 23K miles.

While in Rhode Island we replaced the lower fridge vent aperture whose door blew out in 2013 and the 5 front running lights - lenses cracked and letting in water.

Many man-made and natural wonders; canyons, chasms and mountains, dwelling and spaceships.

2014 - The Western Adventure. Big tour of National Attractions out west. Lots of miles, lots of National and State Parks, esp on the Colorado Plateau.
2013 - Lovers Key in Winter, Bridgewater then RI and the 160 Eaton Providence Garage roof. Year 2 in RV travelling out West
2012 - Not much snow and worked the outside landscape. Hurricane Irene and Storm Alfred in August and October.
2011 - 2011 The Snow, The fixing, The Summer and a rainy fall
2010 - The monumental effort to fix a lot of the mistakes done over 30 years of hatchet add-ons. A very wet year.
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Tire Page - Light Truck Tires for the camper - Finding the right tire can be a real chore.
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