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Furnished Cabins at Topsail Hill
Park Recommendation Shortlist:

Recommendation: Bungalows and Cabins: Move coffee tables to a new location away from pull out sofas. Moving these heavy tables is not easy making them prone to being dragged by both us and guests, causing damage.

Recommendation: Bungalows: Removable tall shelving in Kitchens, Hutches, back-room cabinets and lower shelves in TV cabinets. Take it out. It is not being used and time and effort to inspect.

Recommendation: Bungalows: Unit 1011 is the poster child, but there are many others with overgrown shrubbery. Property managers who know what they are doing remove these, leaving, if any, just a few that do not get above knee level.

Recommendation:Cabins: Problem.. Solid bed headboards permanently attached to walls make it impossible for housecleaning to clean behind them, they also make a great hiding place for big bugs. Recommend removing them.

Staging Building (Cabin Support/OPS Building)

The tendency to accumulate junk is a common problem. Stuff coming out of cabins is brought back there instead of taken to the dumpster.

Supplies and Parts deemed to be no longer part of the routine or parts or systems whose replacement has been already put into place sees the need to remove the old parts or system.

The importance of the above items

Introduction Outside or usual volunteer experience with the Florida Park Service to provide housecleaning service as an opportunity to try our hand at gaining some experience and possibly providing insight.

Our surprise upon finding out that "cabins" are really small furnished houses with upholstered sofas and chairs! The larger and newer ones have sensible cabinets, 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms and a large dining kitchen area. others seasonal homes for snowbirders, many with unique floor layouts and a lot of shelving, some of it over 5' 4" in height.

The recommendations we make to the park:

Cleaning Topsail Hill Bungalos and Cabins. With most volunteers over the age of 50 the concept of "elderly housekeeping" in line with "elderly landclearing" notions we developed at other parks are something to keep in mind bearing the physicality of the work on those with bad hips, shoulders, knees and backs.

Item 1. Furnished with upholstered items the building are like small furnished houses. We recommend dialing down on the number of upholstered items in each bungalow or cabin, they tend toward a lot of work and are prone to spots, tears and quickly look shoddy and poor. The visitors are here to enjoy the park, not hang out in building.

Item 2. Mostly a bungalow problem: too many small tables. To establish a baseline number in each building of writing tables, coffee tables and small utility tables as dusting or moving these add up to extra work.

Item 3. A bungalow problem: High shelves over 5' 4" that are not needed. The bungalows have a lot of cabinet space. These loftier reaches are a lot of work to inspect and clean. Along this line are a number of RV-style over head compartments in kitchens that should be labeled non-functional and screwed shut.

Item 4. In line with elderly housekeeping. Deploying the fold-out bed is a costly maneuver for old people to do. To add insult the heavy coffee table likewise needs to be moved. We recommend moving away from fold out beds and use twin beds where possible. Bungalows especially seem to have extra rooms not dedicated to any purpose.

Item 5. The cabins have screwed to the wall solid headboards that are not possible to clean behind. They are full of dust and we have seen bugs come out from behind them. We recommend removing them.

Item 6. Yearly inspection and clean of building roofs. Fix any small problems specifically around vent glands. Report and remove problem trees that have gotten too big that are dumping excessive needles or leaves onto building roofs.

Recommendations to other Volunteers:

1. Paper collects dust and attracts bugs. Old phone books, instructions on how to use the coffee pot. Throw them out.

2. Close the doors to those extra rooms in bungalows that go beyond what is being bought, extra bathrooms and rooms, the public should be encourage to stay out of these.

3. Feel free to move coffee tables away from the pull out sofa and leave it that way. We don't know what tradition places the coffee table against the pull out sofa but it just adds extra work to move on each inspection.

4. Bring a small flashlight to inspect inside pull out sofas and under beds.

5. Mops (bring two, one setup as a wet mop one as the duster) works great for running out under beds which are always most dusty.

6. A small rubber band or sticky tape at handle's end works wonders to keep mop handles against walls and not falling over.

7. Use vacuum cleaners to clean out dry duster mops between rooms. Vacuum cleaner noise gets on our nerves, use earplugs or headphones.

8. Take some time to clean out the grills. Replace cruddy grill cleaners, especially if they do not have a scraper head. It is better if the public cook their meat outside rather than in the building. A clean grill will help them to do so!

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